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Content marketing is incredibly important for any brand and has considerably changed the way businesses across both B2C and B2B sectors interact with their customers, acting as a powerful and informative tool where you’ll create tailored content to your customers needs and interests. Content marketing has been and continues to be one of the most talked-about and buzzworthy strategies of the past decade. In a nutshell content can serve as the foundation for a number of strategies including benefiting SEO to social media engagement.

To get your content marketing strategy right, follow these basic principles:

Integrated Approach:

Along with your marketing and business strategies, content marketing should be a fully integrated approach to provide a seamless and coherent strategy and should take a multichannel distribution.

Identify your Goals:

Creating content is only beneficial if you determine the “why” in order to outline what it is your aiming to achieve with a content marketing strategy. Each business will have specific objectives they aim to achieve, from driving more traffic to their site, increasing brand awareness to generating more sales, always keep your objective in mind when creating your content and always make it relevant and original to your audience.

Who and Where is your Audience?

In order to create the right content and for it to be effective, you’ll need to define your audience. Research where your audience is most active by analyzing and identifying the channels they use to communicate i.e LinkedIn or Facebook. Consider pain points your target audience may have and identify how you can help with these, thus helping you to propagate quality and tailored content to attract your audience and encourage engagement.

Implementing Your Content Strategy:

Content creation can come in many forms, from blogs and emails to newsletter and case studies, it’s important to define a mix and utilise these in order to create maximum exposure across multiple platforms. Once you’ve identified your types of format you now need to choose relevant topics. Remember the key to creating good content is to educate and be relevant to your audience. Go detective and find out what content your competitors are creating and distributing, whats resonating with their audiences  and working well for them as well as researching trending topics.

Your now in a position to create the types of content that will engage and attract, the next important stage is the delivery of your content to your audience. Make it easily accessible across ll platforms by incorporating shareable links for readers to share on the active social channels, make it visually impactful, engaging and most important relevant to your target audience.

Monitor, Analyse and Optimise

Distributing content is only beneficial if you can track the performance of each content piece you distribute. Using a platform like Google Analytics will help you analyse the effectiveness of your content further allowing you to gain granular insight consumer behaviour based on your sites content. If your sharing blogs, case studies or any other content make sure you track the URL with a UTM code enabling you to identify where searches or campaigns directed a search to your website and how valuable your content was.

From research to creation, to implementation, our team of marketing experts can deliver efficient and effective content marketing for any business who are struggling to engage with existing customers and attract new prospects. If your looking to increase brand exposure through compelling content then we would love to hear from you.

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