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If you’ve been working hard at building up your email marketing audience for some time now, are you making sure to keep them fully engaged? If you’re not too sure how to do this – keep on reading.

Keeping in touch is important

Like in real life, keeping in touch is the best way to build friendships. Making sure that you are regularly reaching out to your audience is important as it’ll help your business to stay fresh in your customers minds! Sending email marketing campaigns (otherwise known as e-shots) out to your database at least once weekly will help you show your business is present and ready to help.

So, what should I include in these emails?

Again like any good friendship, you should be thinking of what your customers would appreciate and that should be your focus. Mindlessly sending out sales oriented emails with no other value may get some return but the best thing you can do is to offer content to your customers that they will be genuinely interested in. For example instead of sending out a catalogue of products and prices, why not take the time to demonstrate how the product could help that customer and include some valuable tips on how you can save them time or money? You could even ask your audience what it is that they’d appreciate you offering to them. Offering value to your audience in the way of a promotion or free trial period is fantastic because it shows that your willing to help and, lets be honest, who can resist a freebie?! Offering deals like that in your email marketing campaigns is going to be really enticing to your prospective customers.

What about building up my email marketing audience?

Making sure that you consistently build up your email marketing audience is important as it helps ensure that you are regularly spending time marketing to new prospects. Doing this is equally as important as marketing to your older leads for obvious reasons – new customers are how your business grows!

How can you actively look to increase your marketing audience? One way is to make sure you have design elements on your site such as pop up forms to make it more obvious how your website visitors can sign up. Within these pop up forms always detail why your newsletter is worth signing up to! Other ways you can help build your audience is through offering one-time coupon codes that you can only receive upon subscription.

Why is email marketing so important?

To put it simply, email marketing is one of the best ways to keep in touch with all of your audience at the same time. It’s an invaluable way to market to customers because it’s a list of qualified leads that are definitely interested in your service, and you are almost guaranteed to get return on that advertising. If you want to start benefitting more from your email marketing audience then please just get in touch with a member of our team today who will be more than happy to help start working on some fantastic email marketing campaigns for your business! Contact us today. 

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