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How to get more leads from your website

Whether you want your site to generate leads in the form of sales, follow-up leads, phone calls or physical store visits. Whichever it is, you are in luck. The majority of people think that in order to start generating more leads, they will need a complete website redesign. Whilst this is sometimes the case, it is more than likely that you could see significantly more leads by using some simpler methods to boost your site’s effectiveness before seeking out a redesign.

We are going to talk about 6 easy tactics that you can do right now to increase the effectiveness of your site.

1. Conversion Audit

Just because your website looks good and was professionally designed, doesn’t necessarily mean it has been designed with lead generating in mind. Having a conversion audit done by a professional marketing expert who specialises in lead generation will be well worth it.

A great way to avoid wasting time and money on advertising is to seek out problems with your website and fix them before starting your marketing campaign.

2. Call Tracking

If you are aiming to have customers call you more often after visiting your site, you could make use of a call tracking system. By doing this, you will be able to see very clearly which products or services are worth investing in and which are not bringing any leads in. To set this up, you could create a number of landing pages on your site, each with a unique phone number. you can then program each phone number to redirect to your main phone number so, you can still answer all the calls from your main phone line.

3.  Track Scrolling and Clicking

Using software to track where your website visitors are scrolling and clicking will let you identify which areas of your site are working well and which could need a little tweaking. making sure you place your offers and promotions in the areas where customers click around the most is a good idea.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics data allows you to see which sources are driving the most traffic to your site. If you are spending the majority of your money on conversion tactics that aren’t producing results, then you are just wasting money. Knowing where your traffic comes from is vital in allowing you to focus your budget on the most effective marketing strategies.

5. Website Live Chat

Another quick, easy but, powerful tool to add to your arsenal is a website live chat. This is a great option for websites that are trying to generate more e-commerce sales as it allows customers to gain quick answers to their questions which will in turn, make them more likely to buy something.

6. Exit Pop-ups

No matter how well you market your business, some customers are bound to leave without buying anything or completing the desired action on your website. Having exit pop-ups setup means that you can catch them right before they leave and give them a reason to stay.

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