10 Reasons why you shouldn’t build your own website

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Some people think its easy to build a website. With all the modern drag and drop tools available online that allow you to quickly build a website, it is easy to develop this mindset. However, in this article, we are going to address these tools and explain why you should still hire a professional web developer to complete the design and development of your business’ website. So, let’s dive right in!

It may be convenient and easy to use one of the many sites out there to have a basic website up and running in a few hours with little work. However, keep in mind that all of these tools use generic templates and designs. This means that they do not offer unique features and functionality that are tailored towards your business’ goals. In addition, all designs and features that are offered to you are also offered to everybody else on the platform meaning, your website will not be unique or stand out.

Website design is not easy and requires a lot of behind the scenes coding that should be done by a professional web developer.

1. Bespoke, Tailor-Made Websites

The majority of free tools available don’t let you fully customise your website. The templates available to you are simple and very basic. You may be able to do some changes like uploading your own logo and editing the text on your web pages but, what if you need an additional feature or additional content to be displayed throughout your website? By using a free website builder, you’re website will use the same boring, generic template as thousands of other companies. It wont be unique at all and potential customers will be able to tell.

By hiring a professional web development agency, you avoid all these problems. After you tell them about your business and what you need your website to do, they will go away, create a unique design that caters to your website and then develop and maintain it for you. You will end up with a high quality website that looks amazing and has all the functionality you need.

2. Efficiency

Developing a website is hard, time-consuming work. Building a large website with a lot of functionality takes a long time, there is no doubt about it. Time is money and if you aren’t a web developer, your time could be better spent on growing your business. A web developer has all the experience and knowledge to build your website and will be able to do a better job in less time, saving you money and time!

3. Professional Business Websites

To put it quite simply, a website made by a professional web developer will look professional and show off your business’ services in the best light possible.

4. Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the process of promoting your site on search engines so customers can find your services. If you have done any amount of research into creating a website, you will know this process is vital and very difficult to do on your own, it requires a lot of work. Your website needs to appeal to all of the leading search engines like Google. Google does not even bother crawling DIY websites, it is too busy ranking optimised, mobile-friendly websites.

5. Google’s Worst Nightmare

With a free site builder, Google will not be able to verify your website using webmaster tools. All of the leading search engines use complicated search algorithms to rank and compare websites. These can be very complicated to someone with little web design experience however, for a professional these insights can be very helpful in monitoring and improving your website.

6. Poor analytics

A lot of older website builders use old scripting technologies and therefore, have inaccurate site analytics. Without proper analytics, how are you supposed to improve your website traffic, performance and sales?

7. Mobile Friendly (Not)

DIY websites are usually not well optimised or designed for mobile devices. With the majority of people using their mobile phones these days rather than desktop computers, this is not a good thing. Even search engines like Google now rank sites based on their mobile performance before even considering the desktop version of your website.

8. Faster is not always better

With most site builders, their selling point is that you can make a website in under an hour. Under an hour is not a lot of time at all. For a lot of companies, a website is vital in the modern world. A website is almost always the first stop that people make to learn more about your business and its services and will ultimately help them decide whether or not to contact you or buy your products. First impressions are everything! With all this in mind, should you not spend a little bit more time than 1 hour on your website?

9. Advertisements

Do you really want your professional business to have a website that has a big banner saying “THIS WEBSITE WAS CREATED BY FREEWEBSITE.COM! GET YOURS TODAY!!!”? No, I didn’t think so. Going down the free website builder route shows potential customers that your website is unprofessional and cheap. Not a good look!

10. Experience outranks everything!

At Teegee Digital, we take great pride in the working partnerships that we develop with our clients. We are a professional team with the experience to build bespoke, modern websites, catered to your business. We enjoy helping business’ grow by working with us. After all, when you grow, we grow! If you are interested in having a professional website designed and developed, please contact us today!

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