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SEO plays a key role in any business’ marketing plan; it is based around getting the best from your website and making sure it is working harder for you. However, there is so much more to SEO than people realise – here we’ve given you our breakdown of SEO and some key tips to consider.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. This is where you focus on optimising your website in order to improve it’s position in search engines; such as Google. This helps in driving more traffic to your site organically, and ensures your site is actually being seen; rather than being lost in search pages by your competitors. Not many people realise the benefits of SEO and how it is a ‘must’ when marketing your business and site; if you aren’t doing anything to boost and maintain your position, then having a website almost becomes pointless; as no one will see it!

You also need to consider the wording of your site, such as each individual page and blog posts – as well as including relevant locations to your business, for example, optimising places local to you in order to reach a nearby target audience. SEO is a great tool in appearing above your competitors and making sure potential customers choose you over them!

On-Page SEO

The ranking of your website is determined by two different types of SEO – the main one being on-page. This looks at anything on your website such as the structure of the site, content quality and its coding; these all need to be monitored and updated in order to keep up with your ranking. SEO is a constant, working progress and needs to kept up-to-date – it is not a one time thing! That’s why TeeGee Digital offers top-notch SEO to get your website working harder for you, as we understand it’s difficult to keep on top of everything when you’re a business owner.

Off-Page SEO

The other type of SEO that affects your website’s ranking is off-page, which is anything done outside your website which also helps in getting more users to it. This factors in the likes of social media networking, direct links on other sites or brand mentions, literally anything that can link back to your business and its website helps in boosting it. It’s important to remember, the more relevant your off-page SEO is, the better – as this will help in terms of ranking and making the most of our services.

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