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Responsive web design is a must if you want to provide a mobile-friendly UX for users and optimise content for readability and ease of access. Knowing whether your target audience is searching via desktop or mobile is vitally important for knowing how to set out your landing pages.

What does Responsive Web Design mean?

Responsive web design allows a site to be adaptable to the screen it’s being viewed on, regardless of what device it is. As a user changes device or changes the size of their window the website should automatically accommodate for image size, resolution, text layout, menu’s and scripting abilities which allows the user the same experience as someone using a desktop computer.

mobile and desktop searches have been fluctuating in dominance in the past years, at one point Google announced that we had past the tipping point whereby the number of mobile searches had taken over that of desktop. Smart Insights

What are the Benefits of a Responsive Website?

User Experience
responsive website will improve a user’s experience which translates into a positive perception of your brand and business. A customer is more likely to return to you if they can access your website easily on their preferred device and in the long run can lead to higher conversion rate for your website. Ensuring you site is mobile responsive is more cost effective then people who try to maintain two separate websites one for desktop and one optimised for mobile.

Responsive web design will also aid SEO as a mobile friendly website is an important ranking factor, especially given the frequent Google algorithm changes. In fact Google has changed its ranking priority sites that are more responsive generally load quicker will boost your ranking and decrease your website’s bounce rate.

Mobile-First Indexing
Being in line with Google recommendations is a must if you want to get your website ranking highly in SERP’s. Most recently Google has gone a step further by implementing mobile-first indexing strategies whereby mobile first indexing bases ranking and indexing from the mobile version of a site, as opposed to the desktop version.

When you have a well-manged and optimised website, it will help to build trust and when visitors trust you, they wont have doubts in getting your products or services. In effect, you will have a thriving and profitable business.

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