Top Tips to Stand out from the Competition

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As a business owner, it’s important you stand out from crowd, you don’t want your business to be the one no one has heard off, whilst your competitors are thriving. So check out some handy ways on how you can get your business to stand out from the competition.

Deliver on Service

Customer service is an integral part of your business and to stand of from your competitors you need to make your service more awesome than theirs, otherwise you’re just another tiny fish in a big ocean. A great customer service can be anything from answering customer enquiries to providing easy returns – if you fail on this your more than likely setting yourself up for providing a pooor service, which can often lead to angering your customer and they retaliate by leaving negative feedback.

Create a Need where your Competitor isn’t

Do your snooping and assess what your competitors are doing and identify if you can create a need where one doesn’t currently exist. This is your opportunity to take advantage and be one step ahead of your competitors. For example, is your competitor offering FREE delivery… if not then make sure you offer it. Create a clear message on your website and social media highlighting FREE Delivery even if you run it for a limited time only, your providing your self the opportunity to be chosen ahead of your competitors.

Become Sociable

Social media is pivotal to engage with existing and new prospects, your audience will be on a number of these platforms already potentially engaging with your competitors. So don’t be shy and get social. Identify the best social platforms to use by identifying the ones your closest competitors are using and jump on the bandwagon. It’s important to remember to post consistently and not constantly to ensure your in the mind set of a potential customer. Make your content relevant and ensure it’s a good mix of visual,video and written content ensuring your producing fresh content.

Provide Value

Go that extra mile and create extra value to make a customer become a fan of your business. Think about when your shipping out a parcel, what extra value could you create… a packaging insert with a little thank you note or a promotional offer can go along way by making an impact on your customer and how they feel about your business.

Be Old Skool

As much as the digital landscape has changed sometimes staying a little bit old skool can just be effective. An example of this could be emailing a customer back in good time, with a personal touch. Would you rather acknowledge a customer quickly or make them wait. Remember your customer is your number one priority and creating the best experience for them can go along way and make you stand out from your competitors.

Be Different to your Competitor

Be different from your competitor and find an opportunity for you to stand out from them. Analysis how these promote their business, any promotional offers they’re running and price point. Could you possibly undercut your competitor on price?

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