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Whether your an eCommerce business or a service provider, you’ll want to stay ahead of your competition especially in an ever-evolving digital world. For any business it is key your customers know why they should choose you over a competitor, differentiate yourself by taking about your USP etc.To get your message out there can be executed with a digital marketing strategy.

Your Audience:

It’s all well creating great content but what if your target audience aren’t seeing this? It’s time to get to know your audience! There are many tools out there that will let you delve into your audience such as Google Analytics as well as research your competitors. Identify what platforms they are using to communicate to their audience. Take time to analyse who your customers are, their interests and behaviour.

One you have segmented your customer and prospect data, you can develop personalised marketing messages for your audiences based on their preferences, meaning they are exposed to relevant content, which in turn may influence them to contact you to find out more.

Your Competitors:

As briefly mentioned above its essential to know your competitors. Identify your competitors and analyse their marketing see what is lacking and how you can add to yours to stand out. Explore any active social media channels they have, paying particular attention to how they interact with their followers and customers online. Always maintain regular competitor analysis, so you can align or offer better promotional deals compared to any of their offers etc.

Your Strategy:

When it comes to implementing your digital marketing strategy, there’s an abundance of tactics which can be used. Our recommended tools for your consideration include:

Content Marketing:
This strategic marketing approach is focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant content designed to attract your target audience. Types of content can include, blogs, case studies, social media posts to videos. The key is not to explicitly promote your brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. Content marketing serves a number of purposes including;

  • SEO
    Creating quality content on a regular basis, your providing Google more opportunities to get your website pages in front of people who are searching for topics in your industry, helping you to build authority and credibility.
  • Improves Brand Awareness & Recognition
  • Social Media Presence
    When your producing quality and relevant content, there is potential that a reader will find it useful and share the content on social platforms, thus providing the opportunity to gain more followers who may visit your site and take action whether that be inquiring about a service or making a purchase.

Multi-Channel Marketing:
Creating quality content, needs to be distributed using multiple digital marketing channels for example Social Media, Email or Paid Advertising. Doing this will give you a wider reach, driving more traffic to your website and ultimately increase lead generation.

It’s always important to stay ahead of the game and monitor any changes your competitors are doing as well as adopting your strategy to the latest and ever evolving digital marketing trends. If you’re looking to improve your online presence or need any help with your digital marketing, then don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you stay ahead of the competition.

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