Not Having an SSL Certificate Can Cost Your Business

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Google’s upcoming SSL changes mean more than just a secure internet – it could mean lost revenue if your website is left unchecked especially if you rely on your website traffic for leads and sales.

Starting with Chrome 68, due to hit the stable distribution channel on July 2018, visiting a website using a HTTP connection will prompt the message “Not secure” in the browser’s omnibox – the display and input field that accepts both URLs and search queries.

This could affect consumer confidence in your website, reduce your conversion rate and drive people to look elsewhere.

How the upcoming browser update could show your website:

Chrome 68

Chrome’s new interface will help users understand that all HTTP sites are not secure, and continue to move the web toward a secure HTTPS web by default”  – Google

Why do I need an SSL certificate?

Google is making changes in order to help and protect customers find reputable businesses and keep their data (and yours safe) by ensuring all websites use HTTPS.

  1. The secure security status is the one you may have seen already (if you use Chrome). It’s the green lock, which means a SSL certificate correctly installed and the site is secured.
  2. The info or not secure status means the website isn’t using a private connection.
  3. The not secure or dangerous security status, which is a website that’s flagged as dangerous. Google plans for all website without an SSL certification to display the ‘not secure’ red triangle in Chrome browsers.

Google have already started rolling out a number of security warnings to users attempting to access sites without HTTPS. This will heavily impact the amount of traffic going through to non-secure sites, no matter what marketing or SEO you have already, or continue to do without an SSL certificate.

With a SSL Certificate
Chrome No Https 1

What’s included?

  • SSL certificate installed
  • Redirect setup to point the http to the https version
  • Website audit to check that you are not linking to any none http content within any page / product – pages that link to non secure content (images) will show the not secure message in the browser
  • Re-submission to the major search engines to notify them that your site is now secure

Don’t wait till you see a decrease in conversions and a browser warning message

For only £50+VAT we can add a SSL certificate to your website so the upcoming Chrome policy does not negatively affect you, which could potentially lead to less traffic, sales and enquiries

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