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Social media can play an important part in your digital marketing strategy, but you may have a noticed a sudden decrease in Facebook engagement recently, given the recent changes to the Facebook Algorithm, whereby they are asking brands to rethink how they earn likes, comments and shares on the content they post.

Facebook engagement refers to any action that someone performs on a Facebook page. This might include liking a post, leaving a comment, sharing one of your updates, clicking a link, viewing a video etc.

For any Facebook marketing strategy, engagement is an important element helping you achieve better organic reach,thus driving traffic to your site to potentially boosting sales for your business or enhancing lead generation.

Top Tips to increasing Facebook Engagement:

1. Post when you Audience is active

To get your audience to interact with your content, you have to post during the times they’re most likely to be using the platform. Perfecting the timing of your social media posts can have a positive impact on engagement. There are many articles out there, advising when the best time to post is to generate more engagement via shares, comments or likes. However, the best time to post will be unique for every brand. To discover the the time your audience is most active then Facebook’s Page Insights which will help you track and analyze your data.

2. Valuable Content

Creating content that is valuable needs to be helpful to your target audience, during content creation ask yourself are you actually solving their problem. The more valuble the content, the more likely it is to attract and engage your audience.

3. Learn from success and failures

Track your performance, figure out what worked, and do more of that. Determine what failed, and adjust your strategy accordingly. With the Facebook insights at your helm it will help you to easily identify what’s whats working and what’s not.

4. Get Visual

You can post a tonne ofcontent but without visuals your missing a trick. So get visual and improve your engagement. Visuals enrich your content and help it stand out on busy Facebook new feeds. According to research by BuzzSumo of more than 100 million Facebook updates over a three-month period revealed that updates with images enjoyed 2.3 times more engagement than those without, according to a BuzzSumo study.

By simply including an image in a post, you get to enjoy at least double the engagement rate. That means double the number of comments, likes and shares. Adding images to your content is a quick way to get more engagement.

5. Analyze your most Popular Posts

Your Facebook posts can be like a yo yo – you can create a post that generates a buzz, receiving tonnes of likes, shares and comments and then another post doesn’t have the same effect.
So rather than treat the well performing post as a one off, you should instead take the steps to recreate the same social magic again. To assess the effectiveness of your posts look closely a your Facebook Analytics to determine whats receiving the most reach.

If you think it’s time you need to review your Facebook strategy and want to boost your Facebook engagement then get in touch today and we’ll have a chat about about how we can help you and up your Facebook game.

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