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Your local area is the core of where your business develops. It is important to understand the people within your area and meet their needs. How is this achievable in the digital era?
1. Location, location, location:
The latest Google Algorithm Pigeon concentrates on many areas. One of which is the location which is an important factor of Googles algorithms now. So, Google’s new local algorithm has taken local search to a whole new level of specificity and accuracy. The update ties local results more closely to standard web ranking signals. The algorithm will give greater weight to local businesses that have neighborhood-focused keywords and citations.
2. Social media:
Building a large social media following is now a must for any organisation which wants to be successful. Social media is a tool to also build backlinks to your site to improve its ranking. Social media can be used to build your website within your area by communicating with people in said areaThrough liking, sharing and following important businesses or causes within your area people will appreciate your loyalty to the areaThis is also an effective way to network with businesses in your area to build trust within your community.
3. Search engine optimisation:
Another way to get your website found within your area is to use keywords relating to your area. For example, Preston, Leyland, Lancashire. If this is present in your content on your website you are more likely to be ranked highly for the terms.
4. Shareable content
Creating content such as blogs that speak to people within your area are another way for your website to be found within your area. Content that relates to and speaks to individuals is more appealing. This makes the content shareable and content that is shareable multiplies in audience reach.
If you are looking to get business through your website and live within the Preston area contact T&G Web Design and we will help you build an online presence within your community.

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