Everything You Need To Know About Our Standard Website Package

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Our standard package is perfect for small businesses or anyone looking for an online presence on a budget. It includes design and construction of a 5-page website. The standard website package is available from £600 + VAT. Our straightforward, transparent approach extends to our pricing. You can rest assured there won’t be any unpleasant surprises or unexpected fees. What you get:

1. Domain Name

Your domain name is your unique address which you use to be identified by viewers. It is the first step in creating your brand online. A domain name means you are serious about your business and this will be reflected to your customers. It will add credibility to your business and is a reference point for further contact. Make sure that your domain name is short, relevant, unique and memorable. This will work in your favour when considering search engine optimisation and social media marketing. A domain name adds professionality and trust and can put you ahead of your competition.

2. 12 Months Free Hosting

Here at T & G Web Design, we have a range of full web hosting and support packages available. Once a website has been created someone needs to be trusted to run it, making sure it functions correctly. Customers will want the ability to access every aspect of your website anytime of the day or night. Downtime can be costly, make the business look unreliable and affect your reputation. A lot of businesses don’t have the time to focus on web hosting. Yet, this is an important element of your business. We will ensure our experienced team can host your entire site, leaving you free to run your business without interruption.

3. Email Accounts

Look more professional with a dedicated email. This is beneficial for personal emails, contact form submissions, sales receipts and spam mail. Making your communication process easier and the business more credible with a branded email account.

4. Responsive Design

The internet is now accessible through many devices other than the desktop. Mobile is quickly becoming the number one device for internet usage. So, websites must respond quick and easily to the size of the viewer’s screen. The layout of a fully-responsive website seamlessly alters so that it can be viewed on any device and any size screen. T and G Web Design will make your site fully responsive on desktop, tablet and smartphone. Providing customers with an easy and enjoyable experience regardless of their preferred device. We also conduct thorough tests to make sure your site works as it should across all devices before going live.

5. Standard 5 Page Site

Our service includes a standard 5-page site. This will include the essential pages that a viewer needs to understand a site. Normally this will include home, about, services/products, gallery and contact page. This can vary dependent on what information you want to make available or what message you want to send to viewers of your website.

6. Your Branding

An important element of your brand is to ensure that your website matches your business branding. We will ensure that your logo and colour of the website match your brand image to ensure you are unique and easily identifiable to your customers.

7. Content Management System

We work with WordPress, an easy to manage and edit content management system. This means you have access to your website through WordPress so you can make changes to the site if you desire. This gives you control and you are able to check up on your site.

If you would be interested in our standard website package please get in touch or call us on 01772 933451.

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