Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses

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SEO can aid a small businesses online presence considerably! By Implementing SEO practices can help businesses create a clear, fast and user friendly website providing the opportunity for them to rank higher in search engines, which in turn helps bring more qualified and potential customers to their sites and eventually increases conversion rates. The benefits of SEO also helps to build brand awareness for your business, as search engines are more likely to trust a site that are on a first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) than brands who are not.

As a small business, utilIsing SEO will help you to build a strong web presence and bypass your rivals to gain new customers.

So, lets get to the 5 key benefits of SEO for small business

1. User-Friendly Websites

As a small business, you’ll want to give yourself every opportunity to get found by potential customers in search engines… once they’re on your site if it’s not user friendly then your at risk of receiving higher bounce rates and loosing out to a competitor who has a well optimised and user friendly website. SEO will help you create a better, faster and user friendly website for users. SEO isn’t just about optimising for search engines it’s about improving user experience which is extremely valuable to turning a prospect into a customer.

A user-friendly website should be well structured, clear and concise that compels a visitor to stay longer, thereby decreasing bounce rate and increasing page views. Similarly, creating highly relevant content in the form of blogs for example is more likely to keep users happy by providing valuable information in helping the user to find exactly what thy’re looking for on your site.

Ensuring your following good on-page SEO practices will continually improve user experience and thus create a number of short and long term benefits.

2. Bring in more Customers

Let’s face it, one of the main reasons for having a website is to stand out from your competition and increase your customer base. Businesses that have a SEO optimised website will likely bring more customers and grow as twice as fast as then businesses who do not have one.

SEO is probably the most efficient and affordable marketing strategy that exists today. Moreover, it will only bring in customers who are actively seeking to find your product or service.

3. Better Conversion Rates

A well optimsed website will load faster and be compatible across mobile and tablets. A website that is clear, easy to read and navigate with clear CTA can benefit your potential visitors by becoming customers.

4. Improved Brand Awareness

Would your trust a brand that is ranking on page 1 or page 6 of search results? … Users are more likely to trust and visit a website that appears on the first page of major search engines. This is where keywords can play a vital role in getting your page ranked higher. It is essential for any small business that wants to build a better web presence and increase brand awareness must implement on-page SEO to help them gain top rankings for the key terms related to their business.

5. Bypass Competiton

Give yourself the competitive edge over a competitor in the same market, selling similar products or services, take advantage if their website isn’t well optimised, user friendly are lacking in best practice SEO techniques. Never underestimate the power of search engines and SEO  and always align your strategy with your competitors so if they’re implementing SEO and social media then it’s simple, you have to as well. The benefits of SEO are extremely high so don’t miss out.

6. Benefits Social Media

SEO and social media interlink, social media popularity is beneficial for SEO purposes and SEO brings more social media visibility. Good social media marketing has the potential to lead consumers to a website, and implementing correct SEO practices will help consumers to find that website and stay engaged with it and become customers.

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