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The Benefits of SEO

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What is SEO?

SEO (also known as Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of creating and optimising content that increases your website’s organic position in search results. This is an effort that needs to be done constantly in order to maintain your ranking and keep ahead of the competition. SEO is a big priority for any business and needs to be done properly for it to be effective. by optimising your content this allows Google to recognise your page as a relevant source for a users search term; so when they are searching for something relevant to your business – you’ll actually show up! Here we take a look at the benefits of SEO and stress why you should be investing in it.

Trustworthy Experience

A massive benefit to SEO is the trust in instills in online users, as your site will be shown to them as an organic, relevant result; this helps in increasing the chance they visit your site – as not many people will go past the first page of results and are much more trusting in the sites that appear first. Once someone finds a site that is relevant to them, the trust will only grow from there.

Improves User Journey

As we’ve previously mentioned, SEO improves the overall user experience. As SEO consists of getting the right people on your page, you can be sure the user wants to be there; as well as this, optimising your actual site will help to improve their user experience. No one wants to find a site they’ve been looking for or is relevant to them, and then struggle once they’re on it due to slow loading times and lack of content. That’s why investing your money into SEO will help find you the right customers, but also keep them.

Customer Focused

Similar to our two previous benefits, SEO allows the whole process to be customer focused. Your SEO efforts will be aimed at them (through their online searches) to gain their custom. This means you can be sure you’re gaining quality traffic and that the user feels as though they’ve found a worthy website – ultimately keeping both parties on the same page. Pair this with working on your site to make sure it loads quick and has relevant links, all plays a part in the user journey; a healthy, relevant site equals returning visitors.


Probably one of the biggest benefits to SEO is the impact it has against competition. When you invest into search engine optimisation, you aim is to get on to and stay on the first page of search results. Whenever you’re searching for something, it is very rare to go past the first page – some surveys have even shown that 70% of users only use the first page, with this being as high as 92% in recent years. That being said, boosting your organic search ranking to the point where it is on the first page is a great way to get ahead of the competition; something any business owner is keen to do!

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