How to choose your domain name

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As a website’s domain name can determine whether it succeeds or fails, it’s important to make sure you choose the right one. Consider the following carefully:

  • – Can it be branded?
  • – Does it include any hyphens and numbers, and if so, are they necessary?
  • – Is it easy to associate with your product or service?
  • – Does it contain your primary keywords?
  • – Is it short and memorable? If so, you may not need the keywords
  • – Do you need various domain names in different languages to cater to your overseas clientele?

After deciding on your domain name, you need to check whether it’s available and then register it. Try and register as a .com if you’re looking to appeal to a global market, but if this isn’t possible, using a memorable .net or .org domain name would be the best option as opposed to settling for a long, ineffective .com name. A reliable host will be able to do this for you if you’re unsure.

We recommend installing Google Analytics or another similar tool before you begin marketing your site so that you can see which keywords it ranks at the top of search results for. It’s much easier to improve your site’s ranking for related keywords than completely new ones.

It’s inevitable that algorithms will change, so don’t panic by making unnecessary and hasty changes if your position in search results fluctuates. Sometimes your ranking will improve and at other times it will drop; it may not experience any change at all. It’s important to remember that search algorithms are still in their infancy, so you should be able to significantly increase your social reach and rank higher than your competitors while expanding your SEO knowledge.

It’s a good idea to register your domain with major directories that relate to your specialist field. Try to register with around six or seven general directories if you’re trying to target Google, but if you’re planning on targeting other search engines first, we recommend going for about 20-30. Register with a couple of local or niche directories next, but before spending any money, make sure they provide static links. This is because search engines can crawl and index this type of link easier than others.

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