Common SEO Mistakes Business Owners Make

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SEO is all about pushing your website up search engines page rankings, in order to position your site organically into the higher stratosphere of page one search results,to get you found by potential customers. If your a business owner and you undertake your own SEO optimisation, you can often be guilty of making some common SEO mistakes that can hinder your search engine ranking.

Below we’ll be outlining the most common mistakes; so if your website hasn’t been getting the traffic you expected, then without knowing you may have fallen prey to committing some common SEO errors:

Not Understanding SEO properly

SEO is a complicated process that can take time to master. As a business owner you may not have the time to grasp the basic elements themselves, thus potentially making you prone to making errors; Given this, it is often best practice to outsource your website to experts in the field of SEO to ensure your website is best optimised whilst following SEO best practices.

Implementing the Wrong Keywords

As we identified in our previous blog ‘Top Tips to On Page Optimisation’ keyword selection is key. You have to think about what search terms or keywords a potential customer would use in a search engine.

Avoid jargon or words that are irrelevant to your business, instead focusing on words that your competitors are using. With a number of handy keyword tools online will allow your to research and choose the most appropriate keywords for your product or service.

Keyword Spamming

As the saying goes ‘less is more’, so stuffing keywords into your website will work against you. Search engines will identify your essentially spamming the internet and in return will block your website from rising higher in SERPs.

Top tip is to not repeat keywords in every piece of copy whether that be titles to paragraphs, nor spam your website hundreds of keyword variations. Choose a small handful or relevant keywords!

That copy is so Unoriginal

Search engines are extremely clever, so if your find yourself republishing old content, copy and pasting content from other websites to including title tags and product descriptions with similar sounding descriptions, search engines will identify this and assume your being ‘spammy’ again thus hindering your chances of getting your site ranked higher.

Fresh and relevant content is what will aid you in search engine queries and for your potential target audience to be driven to your site, whilst significantly improving your SEO.

Your Website is not Optimized

If your website isn’t optimised for mobile then your seriously jeopardizing your ranking in search engines. Google now penalizes sites by ranking websites lower on its mobile search results pages, so it’s very important your website is mobile-friendly, given that half of all searches are now conducted on mobile.

Do you associate with any of these SEO mistakes?

If you answered yes to any of the above and want to get your website undertaking the best SEO practices then we would love to hear from you. Remember SEO is one the greatest tools in your arsenal, conducted correctly and you’ll see your business grow, commit some common SEO mistakes and your jeopardizing the success of your business.

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