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How effective is the call to action (CTA) on your webpage? Does it have a high click-through rate, or do visitors to your site have a tendency to ignore it?

Every site, even if it isn’t sales-based, needs at least one CTA. Whether it’s to encourage customers to buy a certain product, sign up to a newsletter or use a particular service, all websites are built for a specific reason. A well-placed CTA with a clear instruction shows your site’s visitors what the ultimate goal of the webpage is, telling them what action they should take next.

Here are a few tips to bear in mind if you want to create a CTA that will convert more of your site’s visitors into customers.

Treat your webpage like an advert

Think of your webpage as an advert directing site visitors towards the CTA. Start by demonstrating how your company can offer the solution to issues that potential clients and customers may be having. Next, discuss the benefits of your product or service and give them a reason to click on the CTA.

Use strong action words

Use strong action words that will encourage visitors on your site to follow the CTA. Whether it’s ‘buy now’, ‘call now’ or ‘sign up’, remember that the purpose of a CTA is to instruct someone to do something.

Make it stand out

Potential clients and customers need to be able to spot the CTA straightaway, so making it stand out on the webpage is essential. Its position will affect people’s response to it; for instance, will you add it on a separate line after your main body of text, or right at the top of your homepage? It should be prominently placed for maximum visibility.

Another important consideration is the CTA’s design. A button that contrasts with the main background colour of your webpage will likely catch the eye of your site’s visitors.

Keep it short

A concise CTA delivers a clear message, showing potential customers exactly what they need to do next.

Key takeaways

  • – Every website should have a CTA that instructs its visitors to take action
  • – It needs to be concise with a clear message
  • – Your webpage needs to show potential customers how they could benefit by following the CTA

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