Why Web Design Is So Important

When consuming content, over 70% of people prefer looking at a beautifully design web page rather than something plain and simple. Your website's design is vital to your online marketing presence.

When it comes to redesigning your website, you might think about the importance of website design and how it may affect your audience and business. Lets look at some of the most important factors of good web design and why it is so important for your online presence.

1. First Impressions Matter

As a potential customer comes across your website and starts browsing the pages & information available to them, they will judge your business almost instantly and form their first impressions of your business and services. You need to make sure that within the first few seconds, you make a positive impact on your audience.

An outdated or plain website will send out a negative impression of your business to anyone who finds you online. You will most likely lose out on leads and sales because, customers will leave your website and find a competitor’s site that appeals to them more.

Web design is important as it directly impacts how people see your brand. The impression your website gives will decide whether a customer will stay on your page and learn more about your business or leave your site completely and find another company. Simply put, good web design will keep customers on your site and result in more leads and sales.

2. It Massively Helps Your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Campaign

Search engine optimisation and web design go hand in hand. If you have an ongoing SEO campaign to improve your business’ search engine rankings, it is vital that your website is designed using the correct web design practices.

Certain web design elements dictate how content is published and displayed on your site. This is turn affects how Google and other search engines can crawl, index and rank your website in its search results.

Search engine optimisation and even web design can sometimes be difficult to understand. Your best bet is to partner up with a digital agency that has a lot of experience in the industry and knows what they’re doing.

3. Your Website is the Digital Face of your Business

Your website is similar to a customer service representative. A bright, modern and inviting design will make people feel more welcome on your site. You will give the impression that you are open and welcoming to new customers.

However, an outdated and unappealing design will make your business seem cold. People will judge how they think you will treat them purely by looking at your website. If you don’t put any effort into your website, why should a customer believe that you will put any effort into helping them?

If someone walked into a physical location, you would want a friendly face to greet them and make them feel welcome. A modern, bright design is the digital equivalent to a friendly face greeting your new customers.

4. It Builds Trust with Customers

The bottom line is that people don’t trust poorly designed websites. If your site looks outdated, customers will be reluctant to order from your site or contact you. They may even view your site as a scam or a little bit dodgy just because you don’t have an updated web design.

Think from the perspective of someone who is looking to place a bulk order with a wholesaler of some kind. They are going to spend a lot of money and will only ever place an order with a website that conveys a lot of trust. If you don’t build that trust with your website, they will find another business to fulfil their order.

It is important to build trust with your audience to make sure that they stay on your site. The longer a customer stays on your website, the more opportunities to capture a lead or get a sale. A professional website signals trust to potential customers and allows them to feel comfortable with your business.

5. It Creates Consistency

You need to build your brand in order to capture new leads for your business. A brand helps customers to get familiar with your business and choose when they are ready to place an order. Web design is important as it helps to create consistency across your website.

By using the same fonts, styles and similar layouts throughout your site, your website will look professional and will help customers associate specific colours, fonts and styles with your business.

By redesigning your site to build consistency, you are almost guaranteed to see more leads and sales down the line just down to the consistency and professionalism of your website.

Teegee Digital can help you create the perfect website

As we have seen throughout this post, web design plays a huge role in your online marketing campaign’s success. To see the best results, investing in a professionally designed website is a must.

We are a full-service digital marketing company that specialises in bespoke website design, search engine optimisation and social media marketing. We understand the importance of web design and will help your create a website that you and your customers will both love.

Although based in Preston, we provide web design & marketing services all over the North West including Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool & Southport

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Why Web Design Is So Important


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