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When your looking to connect with your customers and create more personalisation then email plays an integral part of any multi-channel strategy. The key to successful email marketing is to craft your content so that is it not only engaging to your reader but that they see it as valuable.

How? Check out these 5 handy tips to create some ‘oomph’ to your email campaigns and get you seen in a crowded inbox.

1.The Tone

emails set the scene for you to communicate to your target audience, but they should also be reflective of your brand voice. Whilst it’s important to remain consistent across all the platforms you utilize, how you speak to your audience through email may differ slightly to how you communicate through social.

2.Killer Subject Lines

If you want to get noticed in a crowded inbox then you need to craft a stand out subject line as this is your brand’s first impression to consumers. How will you get your content seen against inboxes that are inundated with marketing emails.

When creating your subject lines, you need to consider your tone, what your offering and your audience – essentially your trying to create value to the potential reader to give them a reason to open your email amongst a crowded inbox; this will often include a lot of trial and error or A/B testing to see what resonates with your audience in order to get them opening.

3.Design is Key

So you’ve set the tone but how will you portray this in your email. The format and design can have a major impact on how a user engages with the content you went to get out there.

Ensure you implement responsive design, that will translate across all devices from mobile to desktop and smartphones. Try not to include too much content but ensure clear CTA’s to guide the user.

4.Reward your Customer

Whether it’s a promotional email to a newsletter or educational, you can leverage additional content in several ways to create lasting community and cross-channel engagement:

  • Incentives: discount off next purchase
  • Invitation to join in a referral or loyalty program you may have
  • Personalised content
  • Provide social sharing buttons and website links

5.Cleanse your list

Regularly clean your lists to ensure removal of any duplicate emails, bounced email addresses etc so that your emails are going to the right people, to keep those email open rates high and ensure your emails are being read.

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