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Benefits of Maintaining Social Media

Social media has fast become a tool that businesses need to utilise. With all the platforms ever-growing, having a presence is becoming a ‘must’ rather than a ‘maybe’. When you consider just how many people are active on the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – having your business’ services or products exposed to them can open a world of opportunities for you. Here we take a look at our ‘Top 5’ benefits to being present on social media and how it can help your business!

48.5 Million Users

1. Increasing Brand Awareness

As of July 2021, Facebook had over 48.5 million users in the UK; with this covering a large majority of the country’s population, it’s an obvious place to gravitate your business towards. With the number of users on social media platforms being so high, this makes it a great place to help increase awareness of your business and brand. Elements such as likes, comments and shares all help in boosting posts made on your account; ultimately, making your brand more known across the country. Factoring in the growth of platforms over the years, you can now do so much more on a social media account – such as reels, group posts and stories, all allowing for more content and opportunities to be had for your business.

2. Even Playing Field

As we’ve just mentioned, millions of people are active on several social media platforms; which means your competitors are too! Running your own business can be hard enough; but when your competition has the advantage of social media, it can make it all that more tough on you. By being present on social media and promoting your business, you allow for the playing field to be evened. If a potential customer is on Facebook or Instagram a lot, they are more likely to trust in a business that has a strong social media presence, rather than one who doesn’t; they can find out a lot about you through this, which helps massively in trusting and buying from you.

3. Grow Your Business

Social media is great for directing customers to other elements of your business – such as your website. When you spend time, money and effort into getting a website developed, you want it to be used. A presence through social media can help in getting this more known through including a link on your profile or in post captions; this allows both ease of use for any users and helps in getting more visits to your site. Additionally, the likes of Facebook and Instagram now allow you to create a shop on a business profile; this again can help in getting more visits to your site and gives the user an insight into what you do and the price range they can expect!

4. Connect With Your Followers

When a business has just a website, it can be difficult to connect with your followers. Social media allows for a more personal touch to the experience and helps in making it seem more human. By having a strong relationship with customers, this helps in building your brand up as reputable and trustworthy; potential customers will want to buy from a brand that they know will value them and responds to any questions or problems they may have. Also factoring in, that many people turn to social media to ask a question or voice a concern publicly, you need to focus on your social etiquette and replying to these as fast as you can and with the right information/attitude; as at the end of the day, everyone can see everything on social media!

5. Easily Target Your Audience

A final benefit to having a presence on social media is the opportunities to easily target your audience. Whether you’re looking to focus on organic or paid marketing, both of these are made a lot easier through social media. Paid advertisement has become a big deal in recent years and helps in focusing your marketing efforts to the right audience, when your products or services are aimed at a certain demographic, sponsored ads allow for you to aim your post to them. This allows for you to be certain your posts are reaching the right people (as this can be tailored); but also helps in getting your business and posts seen by thousands more people – linking back to increasing brand awareness!

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