5 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy Is Not Effective

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If you feel like your hitting a brick wall when it comes to your social media marketing strategy or you find yourself saying ‘social media just doesn’t work for us’ when attempting to implement a successful social strategy and you’ve quickly given up within the first few months, then there could be some common mistakes as to why your efforts may be going unrewarded.

1. Overly Self-Promotional

As much as it’s easy for you to talk about your company on social media, you have to be wary that you don’t over self-promote. If you already have a good following, then your audience will already have an understanding of what you do, why you do it and what makes you the right choice.

With the recent changes in the Facebook algorithm it’s now more important than ever to provide valuable content, that is relevant to your audience.

2. Focusing on the wrong social channels

If your struggling to find your audience then perhaps your focusing on the wrong platforms. For instance if your a B2B company then ideally you would focus your efforts on LinkedIn, whilst if your a B2C than Facebook, Youtube to Instagram and Pinterest may be a better fit to your business.
However if you not certain which are the best channels to utilize for your business, then implement a few and analysis over a period of time which is providing you the most traffic, leads and engagement.

3. You aren’t engaging with your community

For your social media efforts to work, it’s important that you engage with your community. Interacting with others,  whether it be joining Twitter Networking hours or chats to interacting with Facebook groups is the best way to get your business in the eyes of your target audience and influencers.

4. You don’t have enough fresh content

Fresh content on your social channels is pivotal to holding your audience’s attention but to stay relevant. Potential consumers can quickly get bored if they see your churning out the same posts with the same content.

5. You’re expecting results too soon

All too often we hear and see business starting to use social media and then give up after a couple of weeks, having not seen the rewards they were seeking. However social media is a platform that you have to invest time in, building and nurturing your audience, listening to them in order to respond by creating content that interests and engages. You will then begin to reap the rewards of your efforts, which benefiting from learning a lot about your target demographics and what they are looking for.

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