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By 2018 it is forecast that Twitter users in the UK will rise to 17.1 million uses (Statista) and with businesses now maximising the opportunities to interact and engage with their audiences across Twitter and other social media platforms; how you can you ensure your delivering a content strategy that is gaining maximum exposure and content that resonates with your audience.

Twitter Analytics is an effective interactive dashboard for accessing granular data on your Twitter account, providing you valuable insight into your followers and the Twitter community. It can aid you in identifying the most effective tweets to craft, to not only portray your brand but to deliver meaningful and useful content to your target audience and drive your social marketing and content strategy whilst boosting your impact on Twitter.

So what can you learn from the Twitter Analytics dashboard.

Audience Insights

The audience insights dashboard is where you’ll essentially find a profile of your followers, including interests, occupation, gender, education to buying styles. Providing you with valuable information about the people who follow you on Twitter. Many businesses will think they know who your target audience is, but do your Twitter followers match that audience profile? If the answers no, then maybe it time to reconsider who your audience is and your overall content strategy to better serve your current set of followers.

Follower Growth

Track your audience growth by utilizing the followers dashboard and asses follower growth over time or identify how many new followers you’ve received per day. Your followers can fluctuate for a number of reasons, but if you notice that on a particular day you lost or gained a substantial number of followers go back in your feed and see what you tweeted that day, potentially helping you gain insight into the cause of the increase or decrease. If your struggling to obtain followers and you have a paid budget consider optimising your profile with follower ads.

Your tweet activity dashboard is where you’ll find metrics for every tweet you have tweeted covering the following:

Tweet Impressions

Want to know the number of times users saw your tweet on Twitter then analyse tweet impressions stats. You can explore an individual tweet performance, as well as recent months’or a 28-day overview of cumulative impressions providing you an overview to compare month on month activity. Did you tweet more frequently for a month that gained higher impressions. Consider how you can “re-create” months that earned you high impressions. How to use to your advantage?… re-purpose tweets that gained the most impressions, or recreate a specific tweet on a similar subject.

Twitter Activity

Tweet engagement & Engagement Rate

The tweets section also shows your tweets engagement, or the number of interactions your tweet has received, as well as engagement rate (number of engagements divided by number of impressions). For tweets that have been receiving very little engagement, rethink your tweet format, i.e add a photo or video as visual content tends to generate more engagement with users.

Comparison Data

Gain information not only on your followers but all of Twitter and if you choose select audience groups, with the comparison data insights. Compare your followers with different interests, demographics, personas and behaviour to see how your audience measures up.

Event & Trending topic data

Identify trending and recurring topics or events and use these to your advantage by identifying new content ideas as well as engaging in conversions.

Video content performance

If you’re using video as part of your content strategy (if not you should be) you can track your video views, as you’ll see a bigger picture of how people are responding to your videos. For instance, what the duration they are watching the videos.

So spend some time understanding and analyzing your Twitter Analytics to help fine-tune your Twitter Strategy, or if your require any advice on how to maximise your social presence then contact us to discuss further.

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