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Trends in website design have changed over the last few years to keep up with the rapid rate at which technology is advancing. A sway towards responsive website design reflects the movement away from creating websites that are only suitable for viewing on desktops, as more people than ever before continue to access the internet on mobile devices.

The effect on businesses

A lot of companies used to operate two different websites simultaneously: one for desktop users and another for mobile customers. Not only did this mean that double the amount of money was being spent, but also that twice the amount of time had to be devoted to running and maintaining both sites. Many companies didn’t have a mobile site at all, which impacted their customer base as people struggled to navigate their desktop site from their mobile phone.

With an increase in the use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to access the internet on the go, businesses need to ensure their website remains up to date and as easy to use as possible.

How a site with a responsive design could improve business

A site with a responsive design automatically adapts its layout according to the device it’s viewed on, whether that’s a smartphone, tablet or desktop, removing the need to create and run multiple websites simultaneously.

Furthermore, a site that is easy to navigate will retain visitors. For instance, E-commerce sites with a responsive design tend to experience a lower bounce rate because customers can view products clearly and process payments quicker.

Responsive website design can also improve a company’s local SEO, meaning that customers in your area looking for the products or services you offer will be able to find your business easily after a quick search on their smartphone.

Why you should update your site’s design

As more people continue to access the internet remotely, you need to consider the fact that many potential customers will not stay on your site if it hasn’t been optimised for mobile use. T&G Web Design can ensure your site is fully responsive so you can maximise the amount of traffic visiting your website, and improve business in the process.

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