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Setting up an e-commerce site is necessary for so many businesses. Having a shop front is no longer enough for those who seriously want to compete with others in their field; appealing to customers who like to shop online is just as important, and with so many potential customers to reach, an e-commerce store presents limitless opportunity.

So is there a professional, reliable and secure solution? Introducing OpenCart, the ultimate online shopping cart boasting a multitude of benefits:

  1. OpenCart is ideal if you’ve got a large number of products to sell. It allows you to showcase as many as you like, while coping with a large number of customer transactions. It also supports various payment methods, including PayPal.
  1. Any OpenCart store you create can easily be optimised for search engines, allowing you to get as much business as you can.
  1. If you have plans to expand worldwide, all of your OpenCart sites can be managed from one place, no matter what language they’re in or which type of currency they accept.
  1. You can design an e-commerce site that will stand out by taking advantage of numerous templates and plugins, which offer endless customisation options.

5. OpenCart is regularly updated to ensure optimum performance.

6. It keeps track of product views, sales figures and bestseller numbers with ease.

7. It’s very easy to use, so even the least savvy of web users can manage an OpenCart store.

  1. As it’s open source, there’s a wide community available that can provide support should you need it.

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