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If your a small business with an online presence but aren’t yet seeing the results you want and your wondering where you could be going wrong, fear not as we’ll outline the 3 most common web design mistakes online retailers make that can lead to lost revenue and your potential customers going to a competitor.

Now, when it comes to marketing your business whether your an eCommerce business or provide a service, your more then likely implementing an integrated marketing strategy with the objective of driving traffic to your website, for a potential customer to make a purchase or enquiry.

Often overlooked, your website is key to getting your target audience to convert and ultimately achieve business success. However if your website is lacking or committing avoidable web design mistakes, without you even knowing a poor website could be hindering your online strategy.

So here’s the most common web design mistakes small businesses fall accustom to:

1. Be Mobile Friendly
You have a website..great! But it’s more than that, and with the constant change in Googles algorithms it’s essential your website is designed and developed to be responsive, allowing your website to be accessible on any device from laptop to smartphone in order to provide a seamless UX experience. Research has identified that 94% of users will reject a site due to unattractive web design, with 40% of users abandoning a web page that takes 3 seconds to load.

2. Clear Contact Information
Your website should always provide clear contact information especially if your providing a service i.e builder or roofer where you’ll require a potential client to contact in order to get quote etc. Your key contact information should be clearly displayed whether in the header or footer make your contact number, email address or customer service details easy to find for the user, without having to sift through numerous of pages before they find your contact details.

3. Clear CTA
Just as important as making your website responsive, clear calls-to-action help guide a user through your website. Depending on your business and your conversion goals, CTAs can range from newsletter sign-ups, contact us or enquire now CTA buttons, ultimately providing a seamless experience for the user to reach their end goal with little fuss and enhancing user satisfaction.

Consumers have high expectations when it comes to browsing a brands website, so to ensure your optimising your marketing strategy and start seeing a positive ROI, make sure your website delivers a seamless UX, accessibile and clear contact information and CTAs that will lead to increase in conversions and a better website performance. Ensure your always developing your website and watch your business grow, and it’s always beneficial to use a website performance tool like Google Analytics to track your websites traffic, consumer behaviour and conversions goals. If you’d like any expert advice then get in contact.

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