Technical SEO Services

The best content and high quality backlinks are worthless if your site is not optimised properly. Your website needs to provide a good experience to both users and search engines. This is where we come in.

What is Technical SEO?

In addition to high-quality content and link building, technical SEO is one of the strong foundations needed to build an online presence. Technical SEO is all about making your website intuitive for both users and search engines. Performing technical SEO is the process of auditing your site and fully optimising it to make sure that it provides the maximum value for users whilst also being easily interpreted by the leading search engines like Google.

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Technical Seo Services

Our Technical SEO Includes…

Meta Data Icon

Meta Data

Ensuring meta titles and meta descriptions are relevant

Heading Tags Icon

Heading Tags

We will amend as H tags and all tags to be relevant and informative

Page Speed Service Icon

Page Speed

A lot of websites perform poorly as a result of slow loading speeds. Our team will work with you to improve the page speed across your site.

Canonicals And Duplicates

Canonicals & Duplicates

We implement canonicals to fix duplicate content issues and URLs

Mobile Friendly Icon

Mobile Friendly

Being mobile friendly is a key ranking factor. We’ll optimise your site for all devices.

Backlink Analysis Service Icon

Fixing Links

Having a bad backlink profile often leads to a lot of SEO issues. We’ll check all of your links, remove negative ones and add plenty of positive links.

Technical SEO is crucial to rank well in search results. Even small factors such as page speed can have a huge effect on your site’s performance. Google claims that over 50% of mobile users exit sites that take over 3 seconds to load. This is why technical SEO is so important.

Why is Technical SEO so important?

The factors that affect a user’s experience on your site also influences search engine rankings. A website that loads quickly, is easy to navigate and is mobile friendly provides a much better user experience. This positive user experience is shared by users of the site as well as search engine robots that crawl your site. The easier it is to crawl your site, the better it will be indexed and ranked by Google. Most of the time, a better user experience means that you will be positioned higher on the search engine results pages.

This works both ways. Whilst a good website is ranked higher, a site with a poor user experience that is hard to navigate, loads pages very slowly and isn’t mobile friendly will be positioned lower as the search engine robots will encounter problems when crawling the site.

Technical Seo Source Code

Our clients see results quickly after we implement changes and optimise their sites. Technical SEO is extremely important and we are proud to offer this service to businesses in and around Preston.