At Teegee Digital, we do things differently.

In addition to our bespoke website design packages with unlimited updates and everything included, we also have zero upfront costs…

We are fully invested in our customer service and want to offer the best pay monthly service we possibly can. Because of this, we have decided to go down a different route to many other web designers and do not charge any upfront payments whatsoever. We also don’t ask for any large, unexpected sums once the website has been designed.

The only fees you pay for one of our websites is the agreed monthly fee. Don’t worry about the low cost, all of our websites are professional bespoke designs, created just for your business.

So where are all the hidden fees?

There genuinely aren’t any hidden costs. All you have to pay is the monthly fee for 12 months. Once the 12 months are up, you completely own the website and are free to do whatever you want with it!

Why do we do this?

Our experienced team of Designers, Developers, Digital Marketers and SEO Experts love helping small businesses build their online presence without taking large upfront costs before and after the project’s completion. We know the common struggles of building up small businesses online:

  • Large upfront costs are unaffordable
  • Large upfront costs are a big risk for a brand new business
  • You may already be paying large fees for email, hosting etc.
  • You already have a website but, can’t update it yourself
  • You may have attempted to build a website yourself using an online website builder

Knowing the problems businesses face, we decided to offer a solution. Our websites are now affordable to everyone and include everything you would need in one package for a low monthly payment. There are zero upfront costs and we will keep the technology and content updated.

We promise that we will provide second to none customer service and support for every person.

Pay Monthly Packages


Improved Cash Flow

Paying monthly gives you the freedom to get a professionally designed website without breaking the bank.

Keep Track of your Budget

We provide an all in one service so you know exactly what you’re paying for every month. We will never ask you for any unexpected bills or charges.

Unlimited Updates

We will make sure your website is fully updated throughout the 12 month period. Have a new promotion that needs to be featured on your site for an upcoming event or public holiday? Whatever urgent work needs carrying out, our developers will be happy to help and always willing to offer their support.

Fully Invested Digital Agency

With a traditional website, developers lose interest after being paid for the completion of the project. They have done their job and been paid, now they must move on to other clients. At Teegee Digital, our experienced team remain invested in your business for the whole duration you are with us. If you have any problems or need a hand with something, simply give us a call. We are always happy to help. After all, that is what you’re paying a monthly fee for.


Quite simply, there aren’t any!

You get access to a whole Digital Agency with a fully-equipped team, ready to help get you on your way in the online world. Oh… and you also get everything included in your package and unlimited updates.

Lets get started!

Every great partnership starts with a conversation, so if you require any website services then get in contact by email, telephone or by completing our contact form and one of our friendly team will get back to you.

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Web Design Service Areas

Although based in Leyland, Preston, we also service all areas of Great Britain for web design & development. Through the power of the internet we are able to work remotely and still keep in regular contact with our clients.

If you’re not in the above areas don’t worry, we provide our services across the whole of the UK.