What Affect will Google’s Mobile-First Indexing have on your Business

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What is Mobile-First Indexing?

In what is the latest development in changes in Googles algorithms and how they index their websites, Google will now predominantly use the mobile version of content for ranking and indexing. Previously referring to a websites desktop version for ranking, the core focus is now on mobile versions. Don’t worry, Google will notify you through the Search Console when your site is  migrated.

If this has set alarm bells ringing if your website doesn’t have a mobile version, do no panic as Google will still index your site, but be aware your site will not rank as high as someone who has a mobile optimised website. The first influx of mobile-first indexing commenced in March, with brad that had extremely mobile-responsive websites.

Why has Mobile-First Indexing been introduced?

This latest Google development is all about making the web more mobile- friendly, whilst reflecting user-behaviour trends of using smartphones to browse the web.

Still in it’s early stages, there’s no need to panic just yet especially if your website is ranking well in SERPs and your leads are steady. However to get ahead To know if you’re mobile first indexing ready then check out this handy checklist:

  • Mobile-friendliness:To quickly check the mobile-friendliness of your site use the handy Google Mobile-Friendly test tool   If you haven’t already then it’s time to get a responsive website
  • Mobile site configuration: Choose from a responsive website (Google’s recommendation, websites that adapt to all devices), dynamic serving (similar to responsive configuration, but each URL serves its own HTML and CSS) or a mobile URL (a mobile website or an m-dot),
  • Page Speed & Load time: Check your website is loading quickly for mobiles and page speed isn’t slow.
  • Focus on user experience (UX) when it comes to navigation and content.

You will need to follow Google’s best practices for mobile-first indexing if you have a dynamic serving or mobile URLs

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