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    • Company Name: PrimusTM
    • Nature of Business: Providing professional traffic management services, including traffic control, road closures, and traffic safety planning.
    • Mission Statement: To ensure safe and efficient traffic flow while minimising disruptions during construction projects and events.

Website Objectives:

    • Showcase the company’s expertise in traffic management and its range of services.
    • Generate leads and inquiries from potential clients, including construction companies, event organizers, and government agencies.
    • Establish the company as a trusted and reliable provider in the traffic management industry.
    • Provide information on traffic safety regulations, certifications, and best practices.

Target Audience:

    • Construction companies requiring traffic management services for their projects.
    • Event organizers planning large-scale events that require traffic control and crowd management.
    • Government agencies and municipalities in need of professional traffic management solutions.
    • Geographic focus: Northwest

Design Preferences:

    • Professional and visually appealing design that communicates safety and efficiency.
    • Incorporate the company logo and branding elements.
    • Colors: High-visibility colors (e.g., orange, yellow) to align with traffic safety standards.
    • High-quality imagery showcasing traffic management operations, equipment, and satisfied clients.

Website Structure and Content:

    • Home: Introduction to the company, key services, and a call-to-action for inquiries or requests.
    • About Us: Company background, mission statement, certifications, and team profiles.
    • Services: Comprehensive list and descriptions of traffic management services provided, including traffic control, road closures, and detours.
    • Construction Projects: Showcase completed projects with descriptions, photos, and client testimonials.
    • Events: Highlight experience in managing traffic for various types of events, such as concerts, festivals, and sporting events.
    • Safety and Compliance: Information on traffic safety regulations, certifications, and the company’s commitment to safety.
    • Equipment: Showcase of traffic management equipment used by the company, including traffic signs, barricades, and temporary traffic lights.
    • Testimonials: Client reviews and testimonials to build trust and credibility.
    • Contact: Contact information, including phone number, email, and a contact form for inquiries and appointments.

Functionality and Features:

    • Contact form and click-to-call functionality for easy communication.
    • Integration with a customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage inquiries and client data.
    • Social media integration to share updates, photos of completed projects, and industry news.
    • Search functionality for easy navigation.
    • Mobile-responsive design for optimal viewing on different devices.

Mobile Responsiveness:

    • Yes, the website should be mobile-responsive to ensure a seamless user experience across devices.

Timeline and Budget:

    • Timeline: The website development should be completed within 6-8 weeks.

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