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How to keep your socials flowing with content…

Your product/services

Showcasing your product/services is a great way to keep your socials flowing with content. This allows you to show your target audience exactly what you’re all about- after all, that is the reason why they’re on your page! An example of this is uploading images of a new product, a recent finished project, or even a previous (satisfied) customer using your product. Doing this is perfect for boosting visits to your website if you attach a link to your website on the image. Therefore, increasing your brand awareness and increasing opportunities for potential sales. Not to mention, this digital marketing strategy is completely free and so easy to do!

Topics suitable for your audience

Creating content with topics suitable for your audience requires a little more thought… You need to understand who you want your posts to target. Who does your product target? Who is most likely to require your services? Will this audience be using the platform you’re posting content on? What will this audience find interesting? – And it doesn’t necessarily have to be about your product. Get to know your target audience and make your page a place they enjoy! Whether it’s funny memes, inspirational quotes, or even news you think they’d find interesting. This gets your brand out there without constantly sickening your viewers with you trying to sell your product (P.S. no one likes being over-sold to!). This also helps with the customer journey and building a relationship with your customer- leading to brand loyalty which is so important for all businesses to keep those sales up and consistent.

Answering questions you get asked

This is useful when you want to reply to those fifty direct messages that are all asking the same question. These questions are usually regarding your prices/services/availability. Answering questions for content is engaging as your audience WILL be interested- even if they weren’t the one asking the question. People are curious and like to be informed so this style of content is successful at satisfying these needs.

Interacting with your audience

Interacting with your client can involve asking their opinion on a topic, a poll, asking them to review your product, feedback to improve your services. This can be beneficial to your business as it’s a chance to better your business- this also gains your customer’s respect and makes them feel listened to and appreciated; again building that customer relationship and brand loyalty. On the other hand, asking their opinion on a topic could just be to spark a conversation on your page to boost insights and interactivity.

Competitions and giveaways

Competitions and giveaways are successful at gaining your page likes, comments, shares, and followers. Most competitions result in the winner being given a prize. For example, your product, discounts, free services for a month etc… A post to include this could go like so- “Like this post, tag three friends in the comments, follow our page and share this post for a free…” Everyone loves a deal or a free product so these posts are always successful at boosting interactivity. As a result of the tagging friends in the comments, these posts always increase brand awareness as your business is being shown to more people. Although these involve a cost of whatever you’re giving away, they’re 100% worth it to boost your followers and brand awareness.

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